Each one of our lives are touched by moments of great joy and occasional sadness. These moments comprise our personal histories but are part of the cycle of life that encompasses us all.

Judaism, tradition and customs help define significant rites of passage. From the birth until the world to come, the Jewish experience guides us through the many stages of life. Both in joy and sadness, Jewish tradition is a rich resource that can make a difference in our lives.

At Temple Sinai, we join with you to amplify your moments of wonder and celebration, and we stand with you during those darker moments when a silent presences is comfort enough.

Temple Sinai is also the place where you can mark moments of personal or familial triumph; an anniversary, a significant birthday are all opportunities to share one’s joy together with your congregational family.

And when memory is in order, we will stand with you, keeping track of the dates of your loved ones and joining with you in the prayers of remembrance.

Let us know how we can help you through all of the moments of your life.