The Temple Sinai Religious School provides its students with Jewish knowledge, and at the same time prepares them with the all important leadership skills necessary for the Jewish community and beyond. Our teachers are professional, enthusiastic, optimistic, and loving. They place the students’ needs first, and use creative and effective teaching styles for individual and group learning.  However, none of this can be accomplished without our amazing parent volunteers and dedicated members of the Education Committee.

The mission of the Temple Sinai Religious School is to be the gateway for Jewish education for our children. We strive to provide opportunities for fellowship and friendship in a welcoming and nurturing environment for our students. Our goal is to inspire and educate all students so that they will have a solid Jewish foundation for years to come. We encourage students to develop their unique Jewish identities through long life learning, worship, Torah study and the performance of G’milut Hassidim (acts of loving-kindness).

Religious School

Religious School Curriculum is designed to enhance the Jewish Identity of each student through the understanding of Torah, Jewish History, and Holiday celebrations. We provide opportunities for children to develop spiritual and ethical sensitivity and learn the skills to practice Mitzvot for Tikkun Olam (Repair the World) in a safe, nurturing, and stimulating Jewish community. Our curriculum emphasizes the importance of Israel to the Jewish people, and helps the student to understand the essential principles of Reform Judaism. We welcome children from all levels of backgrounds and experiences.  Age appropriate learning opportunities are available starting as early as three years old.

Hebrew School

The Hebrew Curriculum is designed to enable students to feel comfortable learning therole of Hebrew in Jewish heritage, and to read prayers and blessings accurately. Students learn to understand key words and concepts in prayers, and become more fluent and confident with Hebrew before becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Classes meet twice a week on Wednesday and Sunday. The students participate in B’nai Mitzvah workshops with their parents. They meet with the Rabbi and the Hebrew tutors. Other aspects of Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation are included in our B’nai Mitzvah Policy handbook.

Confirmation and Post-Confirmation

In the past, Bar/Bat Mitzvah often meant the end of Jewish education for many children. We at Temple Sinai believe that the Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony is not the culmination of formal Jewish education, but rather one of the many customs and ceremonies that lead to a complete Jewish upbringing. Many of our students continue their education to the Confirmation and post-Confirmation level where they have the opportunity to study together, to socialize, to listen to speakers on different topics, and participate in discussions.